Spring Influence on Body and Mind

Spring is the season that correlates to the wood element or phase, and we can clearly see its' effects on the body, mind and psyche. Energy flows naturally from the deep levels to the surface in the effort to give life to new and shed the old.


Spring's uplifting, motivating, rejuvenating and powerful energy flow is evident in nature, manifesting in breath-taking blossoms, joyful light green color of new leaves and grass, refreshing air and increased activity in the animal world.


Many people feel more energy right away, and the brighter days get their mood follows. There are plenty of people who would have enjoyed spring if not the allergies, sinus infections, rashes and other health challenges that this wonderful season provokes in them. The big question is, why is it happening?  


Spring correlates to the wood phase in 5 element system, which in turn is represented by Liver and Gall Bladder channels in East Asian Medicine. Similar to Western medical knowledge Liver organ and channel are in charge of detoxification, getting rid of junk in the body. Liver filters toxins from the blood so that energy (we call it Qi, aka life-force) and blood can move freely in the body, ensuring relaxed state of mind and body. It also correlates to tendons and ligaments, eyes, lips, womb and external genitalia, which is why someone with a large imbalance in this channel can have multiple symptoms that might seem unrelated. I'm sure you've seen or know someone who is always on edge, irritable, likes to "relieve stress" by drinking and stimulating sexual organs, might have red eyes and face, quick jerky movements or even shaky hands, and often bolding at the top of the head, as Liver channel goes there as well.


Th movement of life-force is neither good nor bad, how it manifests in the body and mind simply displays the condition of person’s health. If one’s life-style is clean with minimal exposure to toxins, or supporting detox process in general, spring usually brings inspirations, great mood, greater levels of energy, reconnecting to friends, creating new relationships and other beginnings. On the other hand, if there’s stuff that the body and psyche wants to get rid of to be healthier and happier, like toxins or toxic emotions and past traumas, one maybe going through a very hard time dealing with signs and symptoms of such releases. Holistic approach would be to support this “spring cleaning” in a way that allows you to function, work and enjoy life as much as possible without suppressing and forcing that junk back to deeper levels to address later in life. Quite often, medications and life-style that uses this latter approach lead to chronic or auto-immune or degenerative diseases. After all, why should the body or mind cooperate with you if you ignore them year after year?


To take advantage of the spring season and support yourself on the healing journey there are a number of things you can do. First of all, it’s recommended to stay hydrated (filtered water), eat more greens, vegetables and fruits (organic and non-GMO to minimize toxins), move and stretch more (Qi Gong, yoga and dance are awesome to do both at the same time!), fast (you can start with intermittent fasting or having one day of just water and no foods). Doing a liver/gall bladder flush every spring and fall can help to completely cleanse these organs in 4-5 years, reversing and preventing serious damage and chronic diseases. Also gua sha and cupping techniques of East Asian Medicine are very effective in assisting the body and mind in releasing physical and emotional toxins and removing blockages.


Spring is an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, each one opens the window to a lighter, healthier and happier life. Smell the flowers, hear the birds singing, enjoy fresh berries and greens, then take some deep breaths walking in the park and reach out to old friends you haven’t talked to during winter time, and share your insights and new vision that this spring brought to you!


Dr. Enensaauas Rastrygina

DAc, Lac



Dr. Enensaauas Dr. Enensaauas Rastrygina, DAc. Dr. Enensaauas has been practicing predominantly Classical Chinese Medicine and Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Midtown Manhattan at Esoterra. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and studied with Dr. Mikio Sankey, founder of Esoteric Acupuncture. She founded Esoterra in 2018 to make wellness more mainstream by providing services, education and products that greatly improve people's lives.

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