Photo taken during a volunteer trip to Tanzania in 2014, during which we provided free acupuncture, massage and educational assistance to the local population.


Dr. Mikio Sankey blessed the world with Esoteric Acupuncture, which has greatly affected Dr. Enensaa's practice


Dr. Enensaa works in tandem with Dr. John Kavanaugh, DC, on many patients who experience faster and greater results from a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic


A typical session includes a combination of acupuncture, sound and essential oil therapy, often with craniosacral or massage therapy where needed. Occasionally gua sha or cupping is performed. Dietary and lifestyle advice is always part of the treatment, along with movement/corrective exercise suggestions. Information and resources on meditation, proper food prep and nutrition is provided when needed. All sessions are different as they are tailored to the individual needs at the time of the treatment.


Dr. Enensaa is passionate about helping others realize their health goals, and sharing knowledge of how to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. She strongly believes that eliminating obstructions to health and happiness is a process, and it needs a system to support healing on all levels.




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